When One Grows #WeAllGrow #ThriftThursday

This post has been sitting as a draft for 17 days now. Seventeen days – that’s a record for me to start something and not get back to finishing it!  But there’s a reason.  At the end of February I attended a conference called the ‘We All Grow Summit‘.  Created by the brainchild behind Latina Bloggers Connect, I didn’t want to miss the chance to see how far Ana and the rest of her team have come (I’ve known and worked with them here and there for years) – and because I know they’re all perfectionist, no-nonsense type of women, I knew the conference would be a huge learning opportunity for me as a creative.  All that said, I still can’t quite fully put into words what a wonderful experience it was!

We All Grow Summit

Group shot of the WAG team. And there’s me front right. Sweatshirt by American Eagle $3.99, Pants brand unknown $3


Green dress by Zara $4.99

*Photos by Robson Muzel and #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

While there I got to talk to some very influential people about my beloved Gringa Latina (no, I won’t spill the beans yet) and told a few others about my Thrift Thursday obsession (and in true form, all of the outfits I wore were thrift store finds). But the coolest thing of all was being in the room as SO MANY successful, powerful, independent business women. The fact that they were all Latinas was just the icing on the cake.  These women are all out there doing their thing – whether it’s writing blogs, traveling the world, hosting shows, acting, creating YouTube content – and it’s amazing! Hearing their stories and picking their brains about how they do what they do, now THAT is what makes a conference worth attending.


Me and Rachel AKA The Art Muse. My dress is by Vero Moda $4.99

Here’s to coming back bigger and better…and perhaps sharing my own success stories…next year!


My Latest Finds #ThriftThursday

Last week I went to my favorite Goodwill in search of a regular, plain ol’ maxi dress, the kind that you can wear out on a casual stroll or dress up with the right accessories.  I’ve been looking for one without any luck, so I assumed this trip wouldn’t yield any results.  Well, not only did I find the maxi that I wanted in black, but I found a second one in red, along with a Zara dress, a Vero Moda dress (which is what? a slightly higher quality than Forever 21?) and a blouse…all for $32!

So what if it's a photo of a pile of clothes, I'll post pics of me wearing them soon enough!

So what if it’s a photo of a pile of clothes, I’ll post pics of me wearing them soon enough!

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Confessions of a Second Hand Shopaholic #ThriftThursday

I don’t claim to know a whole lot about “Fashion”, and I wear whatever I happen to be in the mood to throw on most of the time.  But, I have a confession to make: I love shopping…for used clothes.

In my younger years, I loathed the idea of heading to a second hand store – if I was going to wear it, it had to be new and preferably from a store none of my friends shopped at.  As I got older and my love of vintage clothing really started to set in, I realized that those fashions from the 50s and 80s that I loved so much had to be authentic (the quality of the materials back then are far superior to the cheap, flammable fabrics so prevalent today). And the only place to find authentic era-specific clothing was at vintage and second hand shops. I wish I had a closet full of vintage collectibles, but my tastes aren’t just limited to that.  For me, it’s more about the excitement of essentially treating shopping as a scavenger hunt – and it is now both my addiction and stress therapy.

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Pin-up for the Oscars

When asked to describe my (preferred) personal style, I like to say that I’m a sexy librarian with a naughty streak.  I love vintage style clothing of all eras, but the pin-up look is one that I’ve pined after for years.  The pin-up silhouette suits my figure, and I find it to be feminine, sexy and versatile.  A few months ago my best friend/stylist and I happened upon a pop-up vintage sale hosted by Pinup Girl Clothing where we found this beautiful piece by Laura Byrne’s Black Label.


I fell in love with it instantly and held on to it until it could have a proper debut. And debut it did at a Skinnygirl Cocktails soirée hosted by Bethenny Frankel in honor of the 2014 Oscars!


I paired my pink leopard print dress with victory rolls, red lipstick and smokey green eyes. The earrings are an 80s consignment store find.

This time next year I’ll hopefully be posting pics of the dress I’ll be wearing while AT the Oscars!

Cheers to all of the talented actors and filmmakers that were either nominated or won last night.


Lorna Jane

If you’re not in southern California (or Australia) chances are that you’ve never heard of Lorna Jane.  Well, you don’t have to feel left out for much longer because I’m here to tell you all about it!  New to the U.S., Lorna Jane is the leading athletic wear company Down-Under and their stuff is absolutely amazing!  I wore one of their tops in my Plyometrics video if you want to take a look, but since then, my collection of fashionable fitness digs has grown exponentially.  I’ve always been of the mindset that looking good makes you feel good, a concept that I find to be especially important when you’re working out.  Baggy Ts and sweats are not for the gym ladies!  Besides not being visually appealing, that type of look is counter productive; you need to be able to see what you’re doing and what’s going on with the body parts that you’re working!

I have both the pleasure and the honor of hosting a trunk show for Lorna Jane this Saturday, so if you’re in L.A. I encourage you to come out and try on some clothes and do a little much-deserved shopping.

Lorna Jane

Hope to see you there!