Cristela gets Cancelled and The Hollywood Catch 22

Assuming you have cable, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV or any other streaming services out there, you may have heard of a little show on ABC called ‘Cristela‘.  If you don’t know about it, this should catch you up: on ABC

So what’s the big deal? Did you read the article?! ‘Cristela’ is going down in TV history as the first major network show to be created, produced, written and starring a Latina actress.  Those are a lot of titles for one person! Add to that the fact that the writing team was comprised solely of Latino talent, and I’m sure you can deduce just what makes the creation, and now cancellation, of this show such a significant piece of entertainment industry history.

Before I go any further, I will go ahead and say that ‘Cristela’ did not resonate with me at all, so the cancellation doesn’t come as a total surprise.

But just because the humor didn’t land on me doesn’t mean it didn’t tickle the funny bones of millions of others (it did) or that I don’t have a great deal of respect for the show.  Cristela Alonzo has done something no one else has!  The show is a HUGE positive step in adding diversity to the talent both on-camera and behind the scenes, and the fact that the show got cancelled doesn’t negate its importance and relevance to our modern culture.  But Tinseltown is judgemental and slow to change, and I would hate for networks and producers to adopt the attitude of ‘this show didn’t get as many views as we’d like, therefore we won’t invest in any more Latino-centered shows for a while’.  Latino viewers  are some of the largest consumers of media in the U.S. and we need more of ‘us’ on the screen to represent how things actually are out in the real world.  Hopefully with the growing success of this season’s ‘Jane the Virgin‘, Cristela and her writing team will be able to go on to create something new, perhaps in a more forgiving format.




Watch Me on Hulu (again)

Much to my surprise while exploring Hulu a few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting find:  my play, which was turned into a movie, is now available to be viewed on Hulu!Love Overboard

That’s right, “Love Overboard” is now available for your Hulu viewing pleasure!  To be honest, when I first saw it on the suggested videos, I laughed.  Then I panicked.  “Love Overboard” was filmed in front of a live audience in the midst of a run of performances, and I had NEVER watched it before.  Emotions ran high during this tour – and with live theater, it’s very hit or miss really – sometimes you have a great night performing, others you’re not at the top of your game.

After watching it, my performance was ‘aight and not as bad as I thought it would be! I know we are our own worst critics, but I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way since.

Watch.  Enjoy (or not). Leave a comment!




Gringa Latina: My New Web Series



Life has taken over!  I have a new show called ‘Gringa Latina’ premiering tomorrow on YouTube (and on but that hasn’t launched yet).  Please take a few minutes to check out the trailer here:

The first two episodes are being released TOMORROW June 2 so be sure to subscribe to our channel  so you don’t miss out!


Back to theater in LA Views!!

Hello my people!

Just dropping in to share a bit of exciting news: I will be taking to the stage once again to perform in a play (actually two plays within a series of shorts) called LA Views. It’s been a few years since I’ve done theater and I’m very excited. 

We open on May 2 and I’m in the throws of rehearsal as I type :-)


Performances will be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month of May. Visit the Company of Angels website for more information and to buy your tickets. See you opening night!

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East Los High on Hulu

It has recently come to my attention that my TV show ‘East Los High’ has been picked up as a Hulu Exclusive Series and will will start airing on Hulu starting June 3rd! I play a doctor on this show based on the relationships and growing pains of teens coming of age in East L.A.  Please keep up with the show on the following social media channels and tune in when it airs!

East Los High


1) Facebook

2) Twitter (@EastLosHighShow)

3) Website/trailer

4) Tumblr:

And in another bit of good news, yesterday I got word that I booked a role in a major motion picture!  It also happened to be my birthday, and I can’t think of a better gift to have received!



I got new headshots guys! I’m really excited that there seems to be quite a few photos with potential – and that’s saying a lot because often times you’re lucky to get one or two really ‘good’ shots from a shoot.  My manager is going to make his selection(s) out of the 348 photos, a job better suited for him than me as I find nothing to be more frustrating than looking at your own photos all day and noticing every annoying detail in each one.

Vianessa Headshots

Just a small sampling :-)  Hair and make-up by yours truly, photos by Failsafe Photography.