Halloween (MAC Cosmetics Style)

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am. I don’t party much, but when I got the invite to Rick Baker’s MAC Cosmetics Halloween bash, I was beyond giddy with excitement.  Who’s Rick Baker you ask?  Only the hottest makeup artist in Hollywood, responsible for the makeup and effects on such films as Men in Black, The Nutty Professor, and Planet of the Apes just to name a few.

I tried to get as creative as possible with my makeup, so I came up with what I call ‘The Starving Artist’.  Only photos will do this night justice:


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Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

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With all of the days and months of recognition for different causes, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening when. But here’s one cause that’s worth remembering and talking about: the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Domestic violence is one of those taboo subjects that we know exists, but no one really likes to talk about. And with domestic violence affecting 1 in 4 women in the U.S., it’s closer to each of us than maybe we realize. I’ve had friends and family suffer domestic violence, and it’s high time we discuss and tackle the issue.

While physical abuse is the type of domestic violence most people hear about, financial abuse (using finances as a tool of power and control) happens just as frequently.Research shows that the number one reason victims remain in relationships with their abusers is that they lack the financial knowledge and resources they need to break free.


Help me and the Allstate Foundation speak out against domestic violence by visiting www.purplepurse.com and entering the purple purse virtual code 0003 – tell your friends and spread awareness; every time the code is entered, the Allstate Foundation will donate $5 to the YWCA up to $350, 000. Then use the same code to track where else in the country people are taking a stand against domestic violence.





Insane. That’s the only way I can describe the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been meeting with my production team and doing a lot of writing on a totally awesome super secret (for now) project. I haven’t had time for anything else, which I suppose is a good thing since I love to work work work!

One thing I certainly don’t have time for is texting while driving.  Ain’t NOBODY got time for that! The other night I went bowling with some girlfriends at Lucky Strike in Hollywood, an evening of fun hosted by AT&T where we got schooled on just how dangerous it is to text and drive.  I think we have the tendency to think that teenagers are the only culprits, but it’s all of us that fall into the trap of thinking that whatever it is  we have to say can’t wait a few minutes.


Join me and AT&T and take the pledge starting right now to not text while driving.  It’s dangerous and downright selfish.  And if you need any more encouragement to put your phone down while you’re behind the wheel, just take a look at this video:


Birthdays and Hot Days

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Hey Los Angeles, what gives?! I went to the track this morning to run my sprints and almost died.  Okay, I didn’t almost die but I could very well have suffered a heat stroke.  When I got back to my car, my thermostat read 104 degrees.  One Hundred and Four . . . in late August . . . which is sort of the beginning of fall . . . AND IT WASN’T EVEN NOON YET!!. I’ve never been a fan of the heat, but I like it even less when I’m in the midst of an allergic reaction.  I’ve been breaking out in hives and recently, my bottom eye lids have been itching like crazy.  The kicker is that the heat makes it feel worse and I don’t know what I’m allergic to!

Not one to let allergies diminish my fabulousness, I consulted Carmen Ordoñez for some pointers on how to play off my ailments.  My favorite tip to help reduce the appearance of ALLERGY FACE™: place a cold, damp cloth on your face for 10 minutes.  I’ve done this for years and I like my towels ice cold (I put them in the freezer for a bit . . . I also love ice baths, I’m weird).

Created in partnership with the makers of ZYRTEC®, Carmen shares her simple do-it-yourself beauty solutions to help women tackle allergy-related beauty challenges. Check it out:

This past weekend I celebrated my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday! ALLERGY FACE™? Ain’t nobody got time for that!



My Siblings and I at My Great-grandmother’s Party


H2O Music Festival

First there was N*Sync (with P!nk) in 2000. Then there was Demi Lovato earlier this year. In short, my concert-going experiences have been the stuff of prepubescent dreams! Well that all changed this weekend thanks to Covergirl who invited me to check out the H2O Music Festival.



Vianessa and Becky G

Me and Becky G

Frankie J

Frankie J got mobbed

Big Boi

Big Boi performed, to the envy of my friends in the dirty!

Prince Royce put on a great show . . . while my cell phone was charging. A Tribe Called Quest and Pitbull were both on the lineup as well.  And I really wanted to see Tribe, alas, six hours in the sun did me in and I ended up leaving before they took the stage.  Hey, don’t judge me – a girl needs her beauty rest!

And for all you music lovers, Becky G is touring this fall; the lil’ lady gets hype with her rapping and singing self, so you’ll want to check her out if you can!



12 Years of Theta Nu Xi

I couldn’t go to bed without first sending a heartfelt ONE Love and Happy Anniversary to my sisters at Florida State University! Twelve years ago today, I along with eight of my closest friends founded the Lambda Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority Inc.


Maybe one day I’ll share the tale of how (and better yet, WHY) the nine of us decided to take on the task of starting our own sorority. One day. . .


MORE . . . of Lorna Jane

Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to keep my nose in the books and my head in the clouds.   One of the books that made it onto my reading list is this one:


MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets by Lorna Jane Clarkson was just released, and I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy a while back.  Full of motivational messages,  recipes and fitness tips, ‘MORE’ is a must read for anyone looking to gain some perspective on how to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

What books are you currently reading?  And where do you turn when you need to refocus and rediscover your motivation?


What’s Beautiful pt. 2

Hear ye, hear ye: It’s my favorite time of the year! The temps are rising and life is getting busy!  I’m filming a role in a feature next week and I’m preparing to audition for a few more projects.  I’m also staying on top of my fitness goals because, HELLO, it’s beach season!  Well, it’s beach season all year round as far as I’m concerned, but ya catch my drift!  I recently jumped on board Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign and it’s high time I gave you kids an update!

My goal is to be able to do a split.  Inflexible Hammies is the name of my game, so this has been exceptionally challenging for me. I’ve been rolling out and stretching and even took my split pursuing to the aisles of Toys R Us (thanks Gigi for the photo).


My flexibility has impoved, but I have a looong way to go.  Do any of you have any tips on how to increase flexibility in my hamstrings? I’m 100% in on making this happen, so if you’re a gymnast, yogi or flexibility coach, please help your girl out by leaving a comment below!