Karachi, Pakistan

I’ve once again caught the travel bug; it happens frequently when you have a nomadic spirit.  Traveling for fun in the next few months isn’t going to happen, so I’ve decided to wait until after pilot season to take my next trip.  In the meantime, I’ve been going through photos I took on my recent trip to Pakistan and have decided to post some of those.  Pakistan was beautiful and the food was undoubtedly the best that I’ve ever had in my life! Here are some of my favorites from Karachi:






















10 thoughts on “Karachi, Pakistan

    • There were delicious biriyani of all sorts – but my favorite foods were the home cooked meals my father’s friends made for us. Every one of them was restaurant worthy (and in fact better than the food at restaurants we dined at). I brought home a recipe for fried chilis, which are seared bell peppers that are then slow cooked into a stew-like dish and served at breakfast with eggs and paratha (flat bread). In fact, I’m going to make it and post the recipe on my blog so stay tuned!

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